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ROSA Dining Room Set
ROSA Dining Room Set

Our ROSA Dining Room Set offers abundant space for clients that require plenty of room to entertain. This handsome collection is not only practical but appealing and affordable as well.

Was : $2,750.00
Now : $2,375.00


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TOSCANA Chest The style, although modern, presents an almost rustic look and the unusual shade is quite appealing.


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This is the right place to become familiarized with the TOSCANA Chest found nestled within the Dressers and Chests category. There are many attributes which cause this piece of contemporary furniture to be popular and sought-after. As far as space is concerned, it has 5 roomy drawers, providing generous storage capability. When paired with other striking colors in the room, a brilliant picture is guaranteed to be painted! This chest offers a matte finish that adds to its loveliness.
Create an original and inviting atmosphere with this item, as so many decorating options are achievable. In order to facilitate your decision, we suggest that you come into our notable furniture store showroom, nestled in the Boston, MA vicinity to examine this item. Perhaps there are others you may find alluring and desirable to own, as well. We hope to meet with you in the near future.

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