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PARETO Bedroom Set
PARETO Bedroom Set
Price includes: Platform Bed, 2 Night Stands, Dresser and Mirror
Was : $2,599.00
Now : $2,299.00


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 CENTURION Dining/Coffee Table

CENTURION Dining/Coffee Table

For an informal as well as contemporary table, please take into consideration our CENTURION Dining/Coffee Table. It is an easy-going, handy home furnishing that will be useful over the years.

47"x30" Height: 11"-30"

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A versatile piece of furniture for the home is our CENTURION Dining/Coffee Table. Patrons find this product a handy and practical item to own because of its ability to serve for everyday purposes as well as providing extra space when entertaining. The form of the table is rectangular and its surface is a desirable black, tempered glass material. Legs are sassy-looking in chrome, especially the way in which they crisscross for added personality and character. The table’s height has the capacity to be altered depending upon individual needs. Another notable feature of this product is that it can easily be moved; portability is a key plus that should not be overlooked. Create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with the CENTURION Dining/Coffee Table. We hope that you will stop into our impressive, modern furniture store to view this home furnishing as well as our other merchandise. We are proud of our quality inventory and the reasonable prices that we continue to provide. Our business is located in the Boston, MA vicinity.

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