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Dining Room Set DT8884 & DC4159
Dining Room Set DT8884 & DC4159

Create an extraordinary atmosphere with our Dining Room Set DT8884 & DC4159. We carry this set as well as other fine and sought-after merchandise at our revered contemporary furniture store.

Was : $1,239.00
Now : $759.00


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 RAINBOW Dining Table

RAINBOW Dining Table

Our RAINBOW Dining Table is out of this world! We guarantee that this table is entirely distinct from anything else. It is ultra-modern and must be seen to be believed.

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There are not enough words of praise to express the wonder of the RAINBOW Dining Table that we are thrilled to carry at our esteemed furniture store. Totally original, this item contains a round glass table top with multicolored legs that are shaped differently from one another. The legs are held together by bowed support pieces. Its base is circular and rests comfortably on the floor. Our RAINBOW Dining Table is exceptionally fun for a refreshingly youthful feel. Clients may choose to purchase coordinating chairs that are as unique as the actual table. The chairs have high backs, offer a “bent” appearance, and contain 6 stylish cut-outs in each one. Rear legs are curved while the front legs are positioned upright from the ground. If you are searching for a table that surpasses any other in terms of individuality, the chase stops here. Please be dazzled by this product as well as others we carry at our Boston, MA furniture store. We are looking forward showing you our spectacular merchandise.

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