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RAINBOW Dining Table
RAINBOW Dining Table

Our RAINBOW Dining Table is out of this world! We guarantee that this table is entirely distinct from anything else. It is ultra-modern and must be seen to be believed.

Was : $655.00
Now : $487.00


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 7174 Leather Living Room Set

7174 Leather Living Room Set

The 7174 Leather Living Room Set showcases its variously shaped construction elements to create a pleasing collage of shapes and contours which blend together to form the elegant seating units.

Sofa H36"xL81"xD36";
Loveseat H36"xL64"xD36";
Chair H36"xL48"xD36"

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The 7174 Leather Living Room Set is constructed from various elements. These elements are not disguised in the final product. Instead they are all upholstered separately, and showcase the various elements to create elegant seating units of a classic design – with a twist. The main weight bearing element is formed in a classic smile shape – lifting slightly towards its ends – from solid dark wood. Slightly Tapered pedestal legs - with their tops shaped to follow the smile’s contours - support this at either end via purpose made grooves. A leather upholstered member above the first element echoes the wood’s shape and provides a resting place for the soft, yet firm, cushions. Oval cross-section armrests complete the building blocks at each end of the units. The arm rests are covered by thinner cushions which add a little more height and substance. The back rest cushions incline rearwards at a comfortable angle. They are sub-divided into four sections – a neat design-trick to add interest and avoid a large expanse of blank leather.

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