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RAINBOW Dining Table
RAINBOW Dining Table

Our RAINBOW Dining Table is out of this world! We guarantee that this table is entirely distinct from anything else. It is ultra-modern and must be seen to be believed.

Was : $655.00
Now : $487.00


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 BARCELONA Chair with Ottoman

BARCELONA Chair with Ottoman

The Barcelona Chair with Ottoman is an updated version of an original and ground-breaking 1929 design. The strength of this classic streamlined seating system lies in its novel support structure.


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The Barcelona Chair with Ottoman is a classic design that has been brought up to date by the use of the latest manufacturing techniques and the incorporation of light weight modern materials to help it perform the fashion leap into the 21st century. The structural strength of this elegant and streamlined seating system lies not in the body itself as in most seating systems but in the undercarriage, or legs. These legs are more than just legs - they are a simple yet efficient sprung carriage system. It may look a flimsy structure, but in its lightness lies its strength. When weight is placed onto the chair frame, it is passed through the legs into the ground. Most seats would take the brunt of the weight through their back legs at first. Not the BARCELONA. All weight is transferred to the four ground contact points with the greatest part moving towards the front legs via the sprung backrest extension almost entirely precluding the chance of the chair tipping over backwards.

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